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Bry Sand's Personnel Ensure Excellent Results and Timely Schedules

We have developed superior install practices and procedures through years of continuous effort

Bry Sand has constructed refrigerated arena floors since 1988. We have developed superior install practices and procedures through years of continuous effort to ensure top-quality end result floors that meet or exceed expectations. We at Bry Sand Ice Arena maintain a "single source" responsible constructor's role and provide all installation services in-house, having identified personnel as the most essential quality control factor, ensuring consistently excellent results and timely schedules.

Through our own research and development, we have designed uniquely effective procedures and products, yielding premier results. The tried-and-proven arena slab concrete mix we developed exclusively for ice arena floors is a perfect example of Bry Sand Ice Arena innovation. Our floor level results consistently meet design elevation specifications, with FF/FL surveys are at or near 60 and topographical surveys over 99% within 3 mm tolerance, and we pride ourselves on our perfect track record of no floor deficiencies of any kind. No grinding or patching has ever occurred on our floors.

We tender projects with all civil components from refrigeration heat floor system elevation through to the finished concrete floor and supply and include all products, including sand, insulation, poly, reinforcement, concrete, expansion board, caulking, independent survey, wet cure, form edge requirements, shop drawing details, close-out operation and maintenance manuals. We also provide complete demo and removal for retrofit projects.

Additionally, Bry Sand Ice Arena can provide all refrigeration piping within the floor assembly system. We utilize either the owner-preferred refrigeration contractor or our selected design/build refrigeration subcontractor for the construction of any ice plant modification.

Bry Sand at a Glance

Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Bry Sand is a world-renowned leader in ice arena floor construction and architectural concrete.

Our most notable facilities include the Richmond Speed Skating Oval and the University of British Columbia Winter Sports Centre for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

  • Ice arena division was founded in 1997
  • Concrete division was founded in 1981
  • 200+ ice arena projects completed
  • 10,000+ concrete projects completed
  • Average of 3mm topographical tolerance
  • Design and construction
  • Budget and scheduling
  • New and retrofit projects

"The flattest concrete floors we've ever tested"

– Independent surveyor

Our Projects and Core Competencies

  • Refrigerated Floors
    Hockey and Curling Rinks
  • Concrete Floors
    Outdoor and Multi-sport Venues
  • Concrete Construction
    Architectural Concrete
  • Residential
    Residential Specialty Concrete

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Did you know?
Bry Sand supports minor sporting programs through venue program advertising - we're also an "Own The Podium" contributor, supporting Olympic athletic development.

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