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Bry Sand is a Robust, Full-Service Ice Arena Contractor

Bry Sand provides unsurpassed quality in it's design, planning and service of new and retrofit ice arena floors. Our technicians are industry-leading specialists with considerable experience constructing arena slabs. Bry Sand brings flexibility and knowledge to the table, guaranteed to excel under the most challenging conditions.

Our installation procedures for all slab components are achieved completely with in-house personnel and must meet our own stringent design criteria. The resulting floors are consequently the industry's most precise - within 3mm of topographical tolerance. This ensures the lowest energy costs for operations and enables owners to maintain a consistent ice thickness for optimum play performance at competitive to elite levels.

Bry Sand specializes in the construction of ice arena floors for both indoor and outdoor applications and can provide all refrigeration piping within the floor assembly system. We utilize either the owner-preferred refrigeration contractor or our selected design/build refrigeration subcontractor for the construction of any ice plant modification.

For dry land use, our floors are the foundation of exceptional multi-sports venues, ideal for trade shows, conventions, dining halls and concert theatres. We always apply a floor surface treatment system to ensure a lasting dust-free environment.

We create the flattest concrete surfaces. Period.

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